Whether we like to admit it or not, summer is drawing to a close. There's less than a month before the warm season officially ends and the cooler months arrive, so it's wise to prepare some warmer clothes ahead of time. 5.11 Tactical can help you do just that, since the company has recently made its new fall apparel line available. We realize that high fashion isn't a top priority for many survivalists, but if you can dress appropriately and look good without breaking the bank, it doesn't hurt.

The 5.11 Tactical fall apparel line includes several new items for both men and women. You can view the entire list of product here, but for the purposes of this article, we'll focus on a few of the items that caught our eye.

511 Tactical fall apparel shirt sidewinder flannel

First, there's the Sidewinder flannel shirt, which is composed of a weather-resistant yarn-dyed polyester flannel. The shoulders and collar use contrasting double-weave fabric that resists abrasion from packs, slings, or shoulder straps. The Sidewinder is also compatible with the 5.11 Holster undershirt and RAPIDraw system for concealed carry of a handgun. Three colors are available, and MSRP is $70.

511 Tactical fall apparel shirt rapid

Next is the Rapid Half-Zip shirt, which incorporates Kryptek camo fabric into the sleeves, shoulders, and collar. The shirt is designed with stretchable and moisture-wicking polyester/spandex fabric for athletic use, and it could work well as a base layer or mid-layer pullover. Three colors are available, and MSRP is $85.

511 Tactical fall apparel pants stonecutter

A good pair of durable pants is arguably the most important part of your wardrobe, especially if you're working hard outdoors. The 5.11 Stonecutter pants are designed with comfort and wear-resistance in mind, and they're constructed with abrasion-resistant nylon overlays and a Teflon finish. These pants repel spills, stains, and moisture, keeping your legs warm and dry throughout the day. These, too are available in three colors, and retail for an MSRP of $80.

511 Tactical fall apparel boots Xprt

Finally, 5.11 Tactical has released a new boot known as the XPRT 2.0. These boots combine elements of hiking boots and tactical boots for comfort and mobility. They use an eVent membrane for waterproofing and breathability—it's even resistant to blood-borne pathogens. The rest of the boot's exterior incorporates nubuck, suede, and full-grain leather. A 5.11 Kick Toe protects your ten little piggies at all times. The XPRT 2.0 boots are available at an MSRP of $195.

For more info on the 5.11 Tactical fall apparel line, and the other items we couldn't fit here, visit 511tactical.com.

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