Knife enthusiasts rejoice—it's time for Blade Show 2016! This year marks the 35th anniversary of this massive knife and blade industry trade show, which is currently being held in the Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The show officially opened yesterday at noon, and will continue through Sunday at 2:00pm.

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With over 700 exhibitor tables and more than 200 booths, there's lots to see and do at Blade Show. Some of the biggest names in this industry—including Benchmade, CRKT, Ka-Bar, TOPS, Zero Tolerance, and many more—are all here showing off their latest blades. On the other hand, dozens of boutique knife manufacturers will be showing off hand-built items, such as this incredible Conflict Forge bowie knife. There are even Blade University classes, where participants can learn knife-making skills from industry experts.

We've already been walking the show yesterday, and will continue to do so today. Thanks to the smartphones in our pockets, we'll be posting snapshots of what we see throughout each day to our official Instagram account, @recoiloffgridmagazine. Those #bladeshow2016 photos will also be posted instantly in the gallery below. So, be sure to check back on this page or follow us on Instagram for #knifeporn and other live updates.

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Facebook Live Videos:


Special Operations Equipment (SOE)




Southern Grind

TOPS Knives

Spartan Blades


Red Horse Knife Works

Crusader Forge


DPx Gear

Hell-Bent Holsters

Karambit Tactical Knives


W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery


BladeSports International

If you're in the Atlanta area, and want to attend Blade Show this weekend, there's still time. The show will be open through 2:00 tomorrow (Sunday), and one-day tickets are $20 at the door. However, if you weren't able to make it, go to for more info on next year's event.

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