First Tactical just made updating your survival gear cheaper and easier with the introduction of three new discounted gear bundles. The Modesto, California-based company announced that these three First Tactical Product Bundles will be offered through the company's web site for up to 30% off full retail price. Each package consists of three items and is tailored to a specific type of customer.

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The first of these new gear bundles is called the Day at the Range Bundle. As the name implies, this package would be a good fit for firearm enthusiasts who often transport guns and associated gear. This bundle includes a Recoil Range Bag, a Large Pistol Sleeve, and a Tactix Eyewear Pouch. Those products are currently sold individually for $90, $25, and $20, respectively—or $135 overall. The Day at the Range Bundle drops this price down to $106.

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Next, there's the Everyday Carry Bundle. It includes a Summit Side Satchel, which is a small messenger-style bag that's just the right size for carrying a small tablet, concealed handgun, and other daily-use gear. There's also a Diamondback folding knife with tanto blade, and a pocket-sized Small Duty Light. Separately, these items would retail for $195, but the EDC bundle is available for $141.

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Finally, there's the Breacher Bundle, which combines a 72-hour backpack with a rifle sleeve, and throws in a knife for good measure. Specifically, this bundle includes the Specialist 3-Day Backpack, a Rifle Sleeve (in your choice of 36, 42, or 50-inch variants), and a Diamondback folding knife with a spear point blade. The pack and rifle sleeve work together via First Tactical's patented Hook and Hang Thru system, allowing the wearer to carry a rifle securely along with the backpack.

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The Hook and Hang Thru system attaches the rifle sleeve to the 3-Day pack.

The three items in the Breacher Bundle would retail separately for a total of $275, but are available through this discounted gear bundle for $191.

For more information on these new First Tactical gear bundles, visit

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