Special operations teams are often some of the first to enter a fight, but also the last to be publicly recognized for their efforts. Due to the covert nature of their missions, these brave operators may be overlooked or even forgotten about by the general populace. So, we're glad to see Gurkha Cigars and Tactical Shit teaming up this Memorial Day to say thank you to these units that “don't exist”.

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The two companies have partnered to launch a promotion known as “Smoke ‘Em After You Smoke ‘Em”. This program will provide free gifts to 100 U.S. Special Operations units serving in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Each of these 100 units will be mailed a waterproof, hard-sided Sniper Case containing the following items:

  • 20 Gurkha Sniper cigars (usually $250 per box)
  • 20 limited-edition Tactical Shit SOCOM morale patches
  • A limited-edition combat knife inscribed with K. Hansotia & Co., the parent company of Gurkha Cigars
  • A Gurkha challenge coin
  • A personal letter of thanks from Gurkha and Tactical Shit

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Gurkha CEO Kaizad Hansotia writes, “Gurkha is proud to be part of America’s great military efforts. Therefore, we created a special [Sniper] cigar to properly recognize and commemorate the incredible job our military does, which is oftentimes unrecognized, occurring undercover and in the shadows. We also wanted to create something that represented a little piece of home that our soldiers can take with them and enjoy remaining safe on their journey.”

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This promotion will begin on May 26th, and will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis to 100 vetted and approved Special Operations applicants. If you know of someone in the Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Army Rangers, Air Force Pararescue, MARSOC Marines, CIA Global Response Staff, or another unit under the umbrella of SOCOM, you can let them know to apply for the Gurkha cigar giveaway online via the Tactical Shit giveaway page.

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