June is upon us, and if you've been following the site or our Instagram account for a while, you know what that means: it's Blade Show time. Each year the show takes place in the Cobb Galleria Center in Atlanta, Georgia, and fills the convention center with booths and tables packed with all things sharp and pointy (plus quite a few other cool items). Blade Show is the world's largest knife show, so it draws in a huge crowd of custom and production knifemakers from all over the globe.

Unlike SHOT, SOFIC, and some of the other shows we attend, Blade Show isn't an industry-only event that requires special credentials. It's open to the general public today (June 1st) through Sunday (June 3rd); tickets are $20 for a one-day pass or $45 for the whole weekend. However, we understand that many of you won't be able to drive or fly all the way to Georgia to attend. Not to worry — we'll give you the next best thing by covering the show remotely in the live feed at the end of this post.

Blade Show 2018 is the largest it has ever been, and all the major knifemakers you know of will have their own booths — Benchmade, CRKT, Emerson, Ka-Bar, Kershaw, TOPS, Microtech, Zero Tolerance, and plenty others. The smaller tables provide space for independent and custom bladesmiths to show off their craft. There's also a big selection of other every-day carry items such as flashlights, tactical pens, wallets, and pocket tools. If you're into knifemaking, you can purchase steel, bone, horn, exotic wood, G10, and other raw materials.

Blade Show 2017 knife tool event 3v2

We'll be posting snapshots of what we see throughout each day to our official Instagram account, @recoiloffgridmagazine. Those #bladeshow2017 photos will also be posted instantly in the gallery below. So, be sure to check back on this page or follow us on Instagram for #knifeporn and other live updates. If you're near Atlanta and interested in attending the show this weekend, go to BladeShow.com.

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