Today marks the first day of the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting, and our staff is already on site to check out everything it has to offer. This year's show is being held in Dallas, filling the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center with an expansive 15 acres of exhibitor booths and displays. As usual, entry to NRAAM is free to all NRA members and their families. So unlike the many other industry-only trade shows we cover, you can come and walk the show with us.

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Of course, we understand that most of you don't live close enough to Dallas to attend the show, so we'll help you out with the next best thing: a live photo and video gallery of all the coolest products and demonstrations we see at this year's NRA Annual Meeting. We'll stop by all the major gun and gear manufacturer booths, including Glock, FN, Remington, Ruger, SIG, Smith & Wesson, and hundreds more. The NRA show isn't just about guns — there'll also be tons of knives, tools, packs, apparel, camping and hunting equipment.

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Check out the gallery below to see the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting through our eyes. It'll be updated automatically through the last day of the show on Sunday — click “Load More” to refresh the feed if you don't see our photos. Be sure to follow @recoiloffgridmagazine and #NRAAM2018 on Instagram if you like what you see.

Taran Butler of Taran Tactical spoke in the Brownells booth about his experience teaching the Kardashians about guns. #NRAAM2019 ...

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