It’s time once more for one of our favorite events of the year: the Outdoor Retailer show. This massive outdoor industry-only trade show takes place twice a year in Salt Lake City, Utah—once in the summer, and once in the winter. At each of these bi-annual events, there are thousands upon thousands of cool outdoor products on display. Walking the show grounds, attendees can view backpacks, tents, apparel, boots, knives, tools, lights, and so much more. It’s pretty much like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for grown-up backpackers and survivalists.

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2016 crowds

If you’re unfamiliar with OR show, check out our previous post with dozens of photos from the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market (ORWM) back in January. The show is held in the Salt Palace convention center, and is packed with booths from all the biggest outdoor gear brands. There are samples of high-end gear on display, booths where you can test out equipment firsthand, and even prototypes of brand-new products that have never been seen before. With so much to see and do, it’s almost impossible to take it all in during the show’s four-day span.

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2016 convention center

The Salt Palace convention center serves as the venue for each Outdoor Retailer Show.

This Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (ORSM) will focus primarily on warm-weather gear, such as moisture-wicking apparel, lightweight footwear, and summertime action sports gear. Then again, there will be plenty of other new tools and equipment that can be used all year round.

There is one catch, however. The Outdoor Retailer show is not open to the public, only to pre-approved members of the outdoor industry and media. Fortunately, we managed to get ourselves on the list, so we will be inside the convention center for three days, snapping photos and shooting videos left and right.

Everything will be posted to our Instagram page—@recoiloffgridmagazine—or you can search for #ORSM16, or view the live feed right here. Just scroll down and click the “Load More” button to see all our photos from the show.

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