Many rumors have been circulating regarding a mysterious new Glock handgun known as the G19X, ever since the discovery of a trademark filed by Glock for that model designation. On Sunday, more information to corroborate those rumors was uncovered by users on the Glocktalk and M4Carbine forums. These users discovered a web page on Glock’s official site,, which contained a YouTube video and press release about the new Glock 19X.

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This screenshot from the now-removed YouTube video shows the new Glock 19X.

The web page in question was quickly updated and all references to the G19X were removed, but once information begins circulating online, there’s no stopping it. Forum members have been reposting screenshots far and wide, and the video link was shared more than 1,700 times on Facebook before Glock pulled it.

The press release states that the Glock 19X, the company’s “first ever “Crossover” pistol”, will have a full-size frame (like the G17) and a compact slide (like the G19) with coyote-colored finish. It will reportedly include a standard 17-round magazine plus two 17+2-round extended mags.

For more details and the complete text of the leaked press release, read the full article on RECOILweb.

UPDATE: Glock has released the official details of the new G19X.

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