If you've been following our site for a while, you'll know that we like to keep an eye on Kickstarter for new survival gear. While we've certainly seen our fair share of weird items on the crowdfunding site, there's also a surprising amount of cool new gear to be found there — you just need to patiently search for it. When you do find something interesting, supporting the project on Kickstarter often allows you to pre-order gear at a discounted price.


The latest item which caught our eye on Kickstarter is the Hawkrigger Switch System. The U.K.-based team at Hawkrigger calls this product a “belt platform which allows you to switch out buckles in seconds, making 3 distinct belt options.” The system also uses a stainless steel side adjuster, permitting the wearer to adjust fit over a wide range, rather than the fixed increments of a traditional belt.

kickstarter lead page

Each Hawkrigger belt system consists of tough 1.5-inch wide ribbed nylon webbing in either black or coyote tan, plus three included 4mm-thick stainless buckles and the aforementioned side adjuster. The buckles are as follows:

  • Urban Buckle – simple two-slot design for every-day use
  • Outrigger Smokejumpers Buckle – two-piece harness-style design with a reinforced anchor point for a rope or carabiner
  • Cobra Quick-Release – a strong 38mm quick-disconnect buckle, the same type often seen on gun belts

These buckles are available in either tumbled stainless finish or PVD coated black finish. Six waist sizes are offered, but the side adjuster allows for micro adjustments to remove excess slack.

16x9 outrigger

The Hawkrigger Switch System is available as the complete package listed here, which is currently available for £60 (about $75) to “early bird” backers for a limited time. If you only want one buckle, that's an option too — the Urban belt is £25 ($31), the Outrigger is £30 ($38), and the Cobra is £40 ($50). For more details, check out the Hawkrigger Kickstarter page.

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