Back in 2016, we took notice of a new sleeping bag design called NoZipp, which was built around two clever features. First, a pair of overlapping front flaps that were inspired by the construction of a double-breasted suit coat. These sealed in heat and allowed the bag to be configured in an enclosed mummy mode, a more spacious roomy mode, or an open mode that allowed unrestricted airflow to the upper body. Second, the original NoZipp used a series of magnets to close the bag, eliminating snag-prone zippers.

After its launch on Kickstarter, the NoZipp was an immediate success. Within 8 days of its launch, it reached its $10,000 funding goal and went into production. Since then, it has remained a popular alternative to the traditional sleeping bag, but the company has recently announced the development of a secondary version: the NoZipp UltraLight (UL).

NoZipp UL ultralight sleeping bag kickstarter shelter camping 4

Weighing in at 30 ounces, the NoZipp UL is said to be 20% lighter than the original version, and retains the overlapping baffles that can be configured in the same three modes. However, magnets are naturally heavy, so the UltraLight replaces them with a series of button toggles. These are lighter than magnets or an ordinary zipper.

NoZipp UL ultralight sleeping bag kickstarter shelter camping 3

This bag has not yet entered full production or undergone EN temperature testing, but NoZipp says it will be rated at a lower limit of approximately 20°F (-7°C). Pricing will begin at $259 for “Early Bird” Kickstarter supporters, and will eventually be $349 once the production run is fully-funded. NoZipp says this price/weight/warmth value is industry-leading, and provided the following chart comparing its the UL's specs to competitors:

NoZipp UL ultralight sleeping bag kickstarter shelter camping 7

The NoZipp UltraLight will become available for pre-sale once the Kickstarter campaign begins next month — September 19th, to be exact. For more information, go to or follow the company's Facebook page.

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