Ever hear of an invention that makes you think, “why didn't this exist already?” That's how we felt about NOZIPP, a sleeping bag that is designed with overlapping front flaps that incorporate magnets instead of zippers.

Nozipp sleeping bag 06

This product was created by Taylor Henderson, an avid outdoorsman and Civil Engineer from southern California. While hiking in Mongolia, Taylor became frustrated with a snagged zipper on his sleeping bag, and thought of a solution. He took inspiration from the design of a double-breasted suit coat and the folding wings of a bat, and sewed together a prototype when he returned home.

Nozipp sleeping bag 05

Taylor Henderson, the inventor of the NOZIPP sleeping bag.

Henderson writes, “It seems we never get enough time out outdoors, so when we're there we should get the most out of it. That means minimizing camping chores. The less you have to deal with gear, the better your experience is.” We tend to agree with that sentiment—good gear should always be a means to an end.

Nozipp sleeping bag 04

Eight prototype revisions later, the NOZIPP sleeping bag design was finalized. It features three configurations for varying temperatures: mummy mode for 15°F, roomy mode for 50°F, and open mode for 65°F. In each position, the flaps are held in place with strong magnets, eliminating the snagged zipper issue altogether.

Nozipp sleeping bag 02

Click image for animation. The NOZIPP opens and closes in seconds.

The NOZIPP is filled with water-resistant duck down and 40-denier ripstop nylon, and packs into a 7″ x 14″ stuff sack with a total weight of only 2lbs 6 oz. It has been EN 13537 lab-tested for a survival rating of -18°F, but it's recommended for use in environments at about 27°F for maximum warmth and comfort.

Nozipp sleeping bag 07

At a $549 MSRP, it's expensive compared to traditional sleeping bags. However, within 8 days of launching on Kickstarter, the product reached its $10,000 funding goal, so there's clearly interest in this design.

For more information on NOZIPP, visit Nozipp.com or check out the Kickstarter page.

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