September is National Preparedness Month — check out our previous post to learn more about NPM 2019 and the “Prepared, Not Scared” campaign. As we said before, this month provides a great opportunity to educate your friends and family on emergency preparedness, and to brush up on your own prepper knowledge and skills. 5.11 Tactical has announced a program for National Preparedness Month that will help you do both. The company is hosting more than 50 survival classes during September at its retail stores throughout the United States — and they're free to attend.

National Preparedness Month is an awareness campaign spearheaded by the U.S. government.

These survival classes are part of the 5.11 Tactical “Always Be Ready” (ABR) Academy program, and they cover important topics such as outdoor survival, self-defense, building a go-bag, medical trauma care, vehicle tactics, communication, and general disaster preparedness. There are even courses that teach how to assist children and the elderly in emergencies.

The ABR Academy classes will be taught by a variety of subject matter experts, and offer an interactive experience for people of all experience levels. In a press release, the company stated, “Participants are able to meet and learn from local law enforcement officers and medics, professionally trained survivalists, veterans, and active duty servicemen and women. In addition to empowering individuals, the ABR Academy serves to build camaraderie within our local communities.”

5.11 Tactical retail stores nationwide will host the free ABR Academy classes.

Refer to the September ABR Academy schedule for survival classes below for a complete list of locations and themes. Space is limited, so if you want to attend one of these free classes, be sure to RSVP here as soon as possible.

9/1/19OceansideSelf defense
9/2/19OceansideGo-bag building
9/4/19MantecaEmergency communication planning
9/4/19San DiegoActive shooter response
9/5/19Colorado SpringsConceal carry considerations
9/6/19HonoluluElderly population emergencies
9/6/19SchaumburgSituational awareness 101
9/7/19TucsonStop the bleed
9/7/19RiversideActive shooter response
9/7/19AtlantaTrauma care
9/7/19RichmondConcealed carry for women
9/9/19Virginia BeachGun law workshop
9/9/19MinneapolisSurvival prep
9/10/19Downers GroveStop the bleed
9/10/19Highlands RanchUnarmed defense
9/11/19OceansideEarthquake preparedness
9/12/19MantecaEmergency communication planning
9/12/19Oklahoma CityBuilding a go-bag
9/12/19SchaumburgChildrens' online safety
9/13/19AtlantaGun law workshop
9/13/19HonoluluDisaster preparedness
9/13/19SaugusBuilding a go-bag
9/14/19AtlantaBuilding a go-bag
9/14/19RichmondStop the bleed
9/14/19Virginia BeachEveryday carry essentials
9/14/19AustinActive shooter response
9/14/19TucsonGo-bag building
9/14/19RiversideGo-bag building
9/14/19FriscoGo-bag building
9/15/19ArlingtonGo-bag building
9/16/19BakersfieldHomes for heroes
9/16/10WoodlandsStop the bleed
9/20/19Highlands RanchStop the bleed
9/20/19HonoluluGun defense 101
9/21/19CincinnatiStop the bleed
9/21/19PittsburghBasic CPR
9/21/19ArlingtonGo-bag building
9/21/19Virginia BeachDisaster preparedness
9/21/19Las VegasVehicle tactics
9/21/19AtlantaOutdoor survival
9/21/19TucsonFire safety
9/21/19NashvilleVehicle preparedness
9/21/19IndianapolisGo-bag essentials
9/21/19West Palm BeachBuilding a go-bag
9/22/19Carle PlaceGo-bag building
9/23/19PittsburghGun law workshop
9/26/19MinneapolisWomen's self-defense
9/26/19CharlotteGo-bag building
9/26/19MantecaGo-bag building
9/27/19PortlandGun law 101
9/27/19West Palm BeachConceal carry considerations
9/27/19McallenSituational awareness
9/28/19SpringfieldTrauma care
9/28/19CarsonEarthquake preparedness
9/28/19CommerceEarthquake preparedness
9/28/19JacksonvilleStop the bleed
9/28/19CincinnatiBuilding a go-bag
9/29/19Fort blissCPR
9/29/19OceansideActive shooter response

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