We enjoy reading well-written content, and providing it to you, both in print and here on OFFGRIDweb.com. However, there are some things that simply have to be conveyed visually. Pictures are great, too, but a video can really make you feel as though you're experiencing the action firsthand. This is why our friends at RECOIL Magazine have created an all-new video platform known as RECOILtv.

So, what is RECOILtv, and why should you care? Basically, it's a compilation of ten digital video channels, which you can watch right now from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. Seeing as RECOIL is a firearm publication, most of these channels relate to the gun lifestyle, from product reviews and tutorials to DIY weapon maintenance and part installation. However, if you're more interested in survival and prepping, there's also a SHTF/OFFGRID section that will include video content from our magazine staff as well.

RecoilTV video 1

In one video, head editor Patrick Vuong and contributor Tim MacWelch discuss fire-starting techniques.

In the first SHTF/OFFGRID video released, head editor Patrick Vuong and contributor Tim MacWelch show a few different methods for starting fires in a survival situation. These include stormproof matches, ferrocerium rod, magnesium bar, and even the classic Bic lighter. Watch the first RECOILtv SHTF/OFFGRID video below:

SHTF/OFFGRID is Presented to You By: Cannae Pro Gear

As for what to expect from the rest of the content, RECOILweb.com editor David Reeder described it like so:

“Our goal is to entertain, educate, edify, enthrall, and perhaps even enlighten you. Let’s face it, conventional media outlets are censoring the kind of information freedom-loving Americans have enjoyed for years. Somebody had to do something, and we reckoned that somebody ought to be us. Just as RECOIL magazine gives you no-holds-barred insight into the modern American gun lifestyle, RECOILtv will also bring you an unfettered, honest, politically incorrect (and occasionally profane) video look at things.”

Sound good? If so, go check out the all-new RECOILtv page now at recoilweb.com/recoiltv.

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