If you consider yourself an expert survivalist and are confident in your self-reliance skills, you might have an opportunity to put those skills to the test and win $500,000. Although Season 5 of the survival reality show ALONE hasn't started airing yet, it's suspected that filming is complete. HISTORY is now looking for applicants to participate in the show's upcoming sixth season.

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Ted and Jim Baird, of Toronto, Canada, took home the $500,000 prize in Season 4 last year.

The following image was posted on Facebook earlier this week by Heather Briggs, the Senior Director of Casting & Talent at ITV. ITV is the parent company of Leftfield Entertainment, the producer of ALONE. This same casting call is listed on the History.com page titled “Want to be on ALONE?”.

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So, if you think you have what it takes and you want to compete for the $500,000 prize, send an email to aloneshowcasting@gmail.com with the attachments above. If you're interested in hearing the application experience of Season 3 winner Zachary Fowler, check out the video below:

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