Traveling abroad often serves as a reminder of how much tastes differ from one country to another. What may be considered traditional comfort food in Mongolia might seem disgusting to someone from France, and vice versa. These cultural differences are interesting to observe, and they're especially noticeable through the universal concept of the military ration or MRE (meal ready to eat).


Every country has soldiers, and those soldiers need to eat. The MRE accomplishes this task, but there's often a significant difference in the MREs from one country versus those from another. In the past, we featured two Foreign MRE Poll articles. Each showed three unboxing videos with ingredients such as ostrich, reindeer, and liver pate, and then asked which meal you'd rather eat:

Today, we're continuing the series with three more foreign MRE unboxing videos. These 2016-edition meals come from Brazil, Singapore, and Australia, by way of YouTube channel Steve1989 MREinfo. Check out the screenshots below, read the contents list, and watch the videos to hear Steve's reactions during the taste-test portion. Then, let us know which survival food (if any) appeals to your palate, by answering the poll at the end of this article.

MRE #1: Brazil

Steve1989 MRE food meal review poll 1

This MRE is a Brazilian Navy Ration Alternative Combat (RAC) designed for 4 meals over a 24-hour period. The complete contents are shown in the video below, but for comparison purposes, we'll look only at one entree ration. It contains:

  • Beef risotto with smoked sausages
  • Trio coconut chocolate crisp rice bar
  • Goma fruit gummy candies
  • Grape-flavored fruit drink
  • Coffee with sugar

Here's the full unboxing and taste-test video from Steve1989 (skip to 18:10 for the dinner portion):

MRE #2: Singapore

Steve1989 MRE food meal review poll 2

This MRE is a Singapore Armed Forces one-meal ration produced in 2016. It contains approximately 1,000 calories and 1 pound of food:

  • Oriental macaroni with chicken
  • Date fruit-filled cereal bar
  • Chocolate biscuits
  • Pocari Sweat sports drink (a strangely-named brand found throughout Asia)
  • Rainbow Mentos candies

Here’s the full unboxing and taste-test video from Steve1989:

MRE #3: Australia

Steve1989 MRE food meal review poll 3

Finally, we have a 2016 Australian Defense Force 24-hour combat ration. Again, this 4-pound pack includes several meals, so we'll focus on one of the larger entree portions:

  • Moroccan lamb with freeze-dried rice
  • Jack Links peppered steak jerky bar
  • M&Ms candy
  • Lemon-lime sugar-free gum
  • Yeast extract paste (you may be more familiar with the brand-name version known as Vegemite)
  • Tropical-flavor sports drink powder
  • Tea bag

This meal has two additional small items, but depending on your tastes, you might need the gum to cleanse your palate after experiencing the extremely strong (and sometimes unappetizing) flavor of Vegemite yeast extract spread. Check out the full video below (the relevant portion starts at 15:38):

Now that you’ve seen all three foreign MRE tests, which one of these meals would you rather end up with in a survival scenario? Tell us in the poll below.

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