Note: This article contains spoilers for previously-aired episodes of ALONE. If you're behind and haven't seen last week's episode yet, we'd suggest doing so before you read any further.

Earlier this summer, we published an article about the fourth season of the survival TV series ALONE. In that article we explained the premise of the show, and the new twist that brings the survivalists together into teams of two, as opposed to previous seasons' solo challenges.

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We ended that article with two polls. First, we asked you which of the seven teams you thought would survive the longest and win the competition. Then we asked you how long you thought the winning team would survive on Vancouver Island. Check out the results of those pre-season polls below by clicking the View Results links at the bottom of each poll:

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Despite the overwhelming number of votes in our poll favoring Brooke and Dave Whipple, the couple tapped out last week due to lack of food. (Read their post-tap-out Q&A here on It just goes to show that even with a considerable survival skillset — something Brooke and Dave clearly demonstrated by building an impressive log cabin — finding a sustainable food source is a huge challenge.

As for the time prediction, that still remains to be seen. Brooke and Dave tapped out on day 49, and most of you predicted the season would end after 50 to 59 days, so this may end up being an accurate prediction.

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Now only two teams remain: Pete and Sam Brockdorff, and Ted and Jim Baird. The father-son Brockdorff team and the Baird brothers were in second and third place in the poll above, but both are struggling with starvation and physical ailments. In this week's finale episode, airing this Thursday (8/17) at 10/9C, we'll find out who survives the longest and takes home the $500,000 cash prize.

So, what's your prediction? Who will win in the ALONE Season 4 finale? Let us know in the poll below.

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