Survival-oriented reality TV can be a hit-or-miss form of entertainment. Many shows suffer from obviously-scripted events, exaggerated drama, tension-inducing music, and flashy editing that appeal to our baser desire for action while detracting from the informative substance within. However, a few survival shows have managed to mostly avoid these cheap thrills and remain enjoyable. History's series ALONE is one of the better examples of the genre, so we're pleased to see it entering its fourth season this week.

History ALONE season 4 reality TV survival 9

ALONE Season 4 is airing on Thursdays at 10/9C on History, and the first episode aired just two days ago. For those not familiar with this show, it isolates contestants on a remote part of Northern Vancouver Island, equipped only with camera gear, a short list of clothing and personal effects, and a pack full of 10 survival tools of each contestant's choosing. They must film themselves and survive of the land as long as possible.

The open-ended nature of this challenge has caused previous seasons' contestants to remain alone on the island for nearly three months and push their minds and bodies to the breaking point. In Season 1, the winner lost over 60 pounds during the challenge. Several other contestants have been medically evacuated due to injuries, severe dehydration, or malnutrition.

History ALONE season 4 reality TV survival 10

Season 4 changes the format slightly, moving from individual contestants to pairs of family members: “Each duo will be separated from their loved one and dropped miles apart with 2 ultimate goals; navigate the brutally thick wilderness in an attempt to locate their family member and survive as long as they can, completely isolated and alone.” The last team standing wins a $500,000 cash prize.

The cast consists of seven pairs, pictured below. Click the name of each pair to read a full bio on

  1. Ted and Jim Baird – Toronto, Canada
    History ALONE season 4 reality TV survival 1
  2. Shannon and Jesse Bosdell – Wrangell, AK / Skowhegan, ME
    History ALONE season 4 reality TV survival 2
  3. Pete and Sam Brockdorff – Poolesville, MD
    History ALONE season 4 reality TV survival 3
  4. Alex and Logan Ribar – Montville, ME / Liberty, ME
    History ALONE season 4 reality TV survival 4
  5. Brad and Josh Richardson – Fox Lake, IL
    History ALONE season 4 reality TV survival 5
  6. Brook and Dave Whipple – Fox, AK / Reed City, MI
    History ALONE season 4 reality TV survival 6
  7. Brody and Chris Wilkes – Kentwood, LA / Hattiesburg, MS
    History ALONE season 4 reality TV survival 7

So, based on the bios above and what you've seen from the show so far, who do you think will win ALONE Season 4? Let us know in the poll below.

Now, here's a bonus question: how long do you predict the winners will survive on the island? Previous seasons lasted between 56 and 87 days, but the new paired teams may affect the challenge's duration.

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