Make & Model - Backpacker's Pantry Cincinnati Style Chili
Package Size - 7.6 ounces
Servings Per Package - 2
Calories Per Serving - 370
Approximate Shelf Life - 7 years
Prep Method / Prep Time - Add boiling water to package / 15-20 minutes
MSRP / Cost Per Ounce - $9.50 / $1.25 per ounce

Make no mistake, this isn't traditional chili. It's actually a Mediterranean-spiced sauce with beef, red beans, tomato, and onion over spaghetti noodles. Spices include cinnamon, clove, and cocoa.

Tester #1: Patrick Vuong
Cincinnati-style chili is not a true chili, but rather a meat sauce used as a topping on hot dogs or spaghetti. So, how the hell can you make it delicious with just boiled water if it normally takes hours of simmering to get it right? Lo and behold, Backpacker's Pantry has done it. This aromatic dish kicks you in the nose with its seasoning, while the beans and tender spaghettini pasta incites your taste buds. While the bits of beef aren't as soft as we'd like, this “chili” offers a good amount of calories, carbs, fiber, and protein per serving for those caught in a post-SHTF situation.

Tester #2: John Schwartze
I've never had traditional Cincinnati-style chili before, so I don't have much baseline for this. I was expecting something like regular chili, but after opening the package, the smell of cloves and allspice piqued my curiosity. Overall, it's a nice balance of spices and ingredients. The noodles are tender, and there's a good amount of beans and beef. It's flavorful and tasty. Water retention wouldn't be an issue either, with a serving having 23 percent of your daily recommended sodium intake — about average for these meals.

Tester #3: Patrick McCarthy
The moment hot water hit this chili, I got a nose full of powerful spices — some expected, some very unexpected. Along with the typical garlic, cumin, and cayenne, there's a blend of cinnamon, cloves, and allspice that echoes the flavor profile of a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. There's even some earthy dark chocolate in there. It sounds completely insane, but works surprisingly well. The cubed beef is a little on the chewy side, but this sauce is outstanding.

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