Make & Model - Slim Jim Original Giant Slim
Calories Per Serving - 140
Protein Per Serving - 6 grams
Package Size - 0.97 ounces
MSRP - $4

Tester #1: Patrick Vuong

Overall: Chomping into this meat stick (don't laugh!) brought back a flood of rosy memories, like when I recently watched The A-Team for the first time in a couple of decades. Then the stark reality set in: What the hell was I thinking back then?! I've forgotten how fatty a Slim Jim is, so much so that orange goo oozed out of it as I grasped it to take a bite! End of Days food? Sure. Lazy Sunday afternoon snack? Pass!

Tester #2: John Schwartze

Overall: Well, I didn't feel like a pro wrestler after snapping into one, but I could certainly survive on these for a while. It's moist, pretty tender, flavorful with a bit of spiciness, but sort of greasy. It's hard to believe that this 14-inch thing had 17 percent of your total daily fat intake and 20 percent of your sodium intake, but in a desperate situation that's a good thing so it would make sense to stock up on a readily available brand like this.

Tester #3: Martin Anders

Overall: Tastes like Macho Man Randy Savage climbed the top rope and elbow-dropped my taste buds. Yes, it's that good. This classic takes me back to childhood, but now with many more years under my belt, I can now distinguish between natural and unnatural ingredients. This thing is chock full of the latter. If it were my only choice, I wouldn't hesitate to eat it. But with so many other great options in this guide, why would I?

Notes: Technically not a jerky, the Slim Jim “smoked snack stick” had to make it in this guide purely due to its ubiquity. These meat sticks cannot be escaped, and in a quick pinch, they do make tasty snacks. That said, these are probably the worst for you health-wise. But in a survival situation, we wouldn't hesitate to take a whole box of them.

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