Issue 29


Issue 29

Urban Survival - A Guide to Personal Protection for Your Family During Travel Up Close with Forged In Fire's Doug Marcaida | Escaping and Evading Kidnappers | Exploring the Latest Emergency Mobile Device Apps | Compass Buyer's Guide



Issue 28


Issue 28

Global Catastrophe - Outlining a Plan to Survive Disease, Drought, and Financial Collapse Long-Term Water Storage | Surviving a Financial Crisis | Examining Our Healthcare System's Vulnerability | Backpack Armor Buyer's Guide



Issue 27


Issue 27

Modern Family - Expert Advice on Protecting Your Loved Ones from Today's Threats Vehicular Survival Training | Selecting a Martial Arts System | Fire Suppression Methods | Headlamp Buyer's Guide


All Back Issues

June 6, 2018  ::  By Patrick McCarthy

Issue 26

Chemical Warfare – Tools and Techniques to Protect You From an Attack on U.S. Soil

Bugging Out with a UTV | Henry AR-7 Survival Pack Review | Gas Mask Buyer’s Guide | Survivalist Spotlight: Cody Lundin

March 3, 2018  ::  By Patrick McCarthy

Issue 25

Prepare Your Kids – Teach Your Family How to Resist and Outsmart Human Predators

Communicating Without a Translator | Build and Stash Your Own PVC Pipe Cache | Stormproof Backpack Buyer’s Guide | Improvised Evacuation Gear

January 1, 2018  ::  By Josh Ching

Issue 24

It’s Getting Worse – Learn What EJ Snyder Knows About Persevering When the Conditions Are Dire and Merciless

What If Your Ocean Liner is Hijacked | Learn Carry and Drag Methods for Mass-Casualty Events | Wool Base Layer Buyer’s Guide | Improvised Fire-Starting methods

December 12, 2017  ::  By Josh Ching

Issue 23

Total Collapse – Mykel Hawke’s Tips Will Empower You To Persevere When The System Fails

Torches and Lighters For Your Emergency Pack | Learn Expert Rope Rescue Techniques | Improvised Knife Sharpening Methods | Craft Your Own Fighting Stick

October 10, 2017  ::  By Josh Ching

Issue 22

Rethinkng Survival – Megan Hine Keeps TV Crews, Celebrities and Even Bear Grylls Safe in Nature’s Harshest Environments

Gas Masks: What You Don’t Know Could Cost You | An Insider’s Look at a Secret Bug-Out Property | Properly Prepping What You’ve Hunted

August 8, 2017  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 21

Les Stroud – Surviorman on the Most Dangerous Environments, His plans o Rule the Internet & His Top 5 Must-Have Survival Items

Prepping Tips from an Officer & Trainer | A Swiss Army Knife’s Hidden Uses | Cooking Food With Solar Power | Insect Repellent: Fight Zika & Other Disease.

June 6, 2017  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 20

All-American Survivor Grady Powell: Learn How This Former Green Beret and Celebrity Survivalist Works to Put Reality Back in Reality TV

Transforming Housewives into Survivalist | Top 10 Survival Uses for Paracrd | EDC Folding Knife Buyer’s Guide | Kick Butt When SHTF

April 4, 2017  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 19

EMP Attack: Prepping for a Modern-Day Dark Age

Pocket Hatchet Buyer’s Guide | Top 10 Survival Knots | Taste Test: Dehydrated Food | Review: Big-Cell Flashlights

January 1, 2017  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 18

Project Yourself: You May Be Forced To Defend Yourself at a Moments Notice. Mindset and Preps That Can Save Your Life And Family.

Cold-Weather Sleeping Bags | Improvised Fist-Load Weapons | Firestarters Buyer’s Guide | Review: Pistol Mounted Lights

December 12, 2016  ::  By Josh Ching

Issue 17

Firecord-Infused Neck Knife | Miniature Flashlights | Cold-Weather Socks | Altoids Tin: 4 Curious Survival Uses | Top 10 Most Neglected (But Essential) Preps | Behind the Scenes at SOG Specialty Knives’ 30th Birthday | The No-B.S. Paramedic’s Guide to Traumatic Injuries | Flexible Water Bottles

October 10, 2016  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 16

Dirty Bomb: Our Survival Experts Weigh in On Preps and Myths

Waterproof Flashlights | Hooded Jackets and Sweaters | Buyer’s Guide: Portable Chargers | Survival Experts Everyday Carry | How To Survive A Nuclear Winter | Applying U.S. Army Concepts for Survival | Enhance Your Climbing Strength | A Primer on Blowguns

August 8, 2016  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 15

Act Now: Don’t Wait For Mother Nature To Strike. Learn How To Proactively Prep For Hurricane Season

Buyer’s Guide: Water Filters and Purifiers | Protable Stoves Smorgasbord | Goal Zero Solar-Powered Generator | Angle-Head Flashlights | 10 Foods That Last (Almost) Forever | Can The Paleo Diet Work For Preppers? | A Close Look At Pocket Survival Books | Smoke Divers: Survival Tips From Firefightings Elite

June 6, 2016  ::  By Ryan Whitehouse

Issue 14

Anarchy: Surviving Civil Unrest At Home or Abroad

Kukri Combatives and Buyger’s Guide | How to Pack Your Bug-Out Bag | Flashlights with High-Vis Bodies | Moisture-Wicking Shirts | Grid-Down Cooking Methods | Health Exercising While Injured? | Stranded? How To Survive The Night | Review: goTenna Off-Grid Comms

April 4, 2016  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 13

Will You Know What To Do When The Water Comes For You?

Polymer-Bodied Flashlights | Pinzgauer Off-Road Workhorse | Solar Charging Kits | Rustproof Spyderco Assist | Newspaper’s Surprising Survival Uses | Folding-Knife Self-Defense Techniques | How To Barter In A Post-SHTF World | Treating Bug-Out Back Pain

March 3, 2016  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 12

Outbreak: What can you do to survive a bioterrorist attack?

High-Lumen Flashlights | Cold Weather Gloves | Rechargeable Vs. Disposable Batteries | How to: Grow a hydroponic garden | Winter fire-making techniques | Review: Spot Gen3 Sat Messenger | Getting a grip self-defense chokes | A bug-out Toyota Tacoma

February 2, 2016  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 11

Hell on Earth: You’re in the Path of a Volcanic Eruption – Now What?

DIY: Surviving Knives | Backyard Training: Survivalism on A Budget | Filipino Combatives: Against Armed Attackers | Review: Goal Zero Torch 250 | Giving Birth With No Medica Help | Canoes: Are They Prepper Worthy?

October 10, 2015  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 10

What if a hacker disables the grid? | Traps, snares, and baits | 7 Keys to a survivor mentality | SERE classes – lessons learned | Q&A with EMP expert William R. Forstchen | RV: Are they bug-out worthy?

August 8, 2015  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 9

Will you be prepared for the “Big One?”  Practical ground-fighting, bug-0ut motorcycle, improvised fishing for survival, fire prevention and suppression.

June 6, 2015  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 8

Crash landing what if?  10/22: the ultimate survival rifle?  Tips and Tricks for grind-down gardening.  Vetting survival groups candidates.  10 improvised uses for space blankets.

April 4, 2015  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Issue 7

Prepare for Economic Collapse | Fire-Starting In The Rain | Waterproof Jackets | Scavenging Car Parts | Unarmed Self-Defense | Building A Survival Group

January 1, 2015  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Winter 2015

Winter Survival Techniques | Travel Tips for Avoiding Ebola  And Other Deadly Pathogens | What If A Riot Threatens Your Neighborhood | Filtering Water Without Filters | Survival Lessons From Society’s Impoverished

October 10, 2014  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Fall 2014

Lost and Injured | Surviving While Bugging Out To The Backcountry | Lost: Should You Build Shelter or Navigate to Safety? | Techniques to Build Fire Without Matches | Essential Hiking Gear | Bug-Out Kayak: Paddle On And Off The Grid

July 7, 2014  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Summer 2014

Gear/Tips & Techniques To Prepare You For Urban Survival | Watches For Daily and Survival Use | RFID Protection | Emergency Radios | Pen-Shaped Flashlights

April 4, 2014  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Spring 2014

Identifying And Treating Thermal Burns | What IF An EMP Hits Your Town? | Household Survival: Emergency Uses For Commonplace Items | For A Limited Time Perishables: Inventory And Expiration Date Management

January 1, 2014  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Winter 2014

Bug-Out Gone Bad: Surviving The Loss of Your Disaster Gear | Real Stories of Survival | Pandemics Be Afraid: What You Need To Know | Fortifying Your Home’s Windows Against Man and Nature | Treating Sprains, Broken Bones and Fractures

July 7, 2013  ::  By Offgrid Staff

Summer 2013

Bug-Out 101: When SHTF Will You Be Ready? | Preparing For Extended Power Loss | Treating Puncture Wounds | First Aid Kit Basics | Multitool Must-Haves | H2O Purification Techniques | Emergency Food Options