New: Armasight Ultimate Night Vision Kit

This Complete Night Vision Kit Includes a Helmet, Mount, and Your Choice of a PVS-14, Dual-Tube NVGs, and/or a Thermal Monocular and Bridge

Piecing together your first night vision setup can be a daunting task. You'll need a helmet, shroud, mount, the night vision system itself, and a way to carry and store the gear securely. You'll also need to source these items from reputable companies, understand the key specifications, and make sure they're all compatible with each other. Armasight has made the process much easier by introducing a new package called the Ultimate Night Vision Kit. This kit brings together a bunch of top-notch components from Armasight and other well-known companies such as Elbit, Team Wendy, Wilcox, and OTTE Gear.

Check out the video below for an overview of the Armasight Ultimate Night Vision Kit:

Ultimate Night Vision Kit Contents

This Ultimate Kit is like a ready-to-go pack for seeing in the dark, featuring your choice of a PVS-14 monocular, BNVD-40, or BNVD-51 goggles — all with Gen 3 white phosphor tubes from Elbit Systems. Various tube grades are available for those who want the clearest image and highest FOM rating possible. There's also a thermal hybrid option, which allows you to pair an Armasight Sidekick 320 or 640 thermal monocular alongside an MNVD-51 or PVS-14 night vision monocular.

Each night vision kit comes with an Armasight Gray Team Wendy helmet, a special gray Armasight G95 Mount made by Wilcox Industries, a Watchman IR Illuminator to light things up, and a custom OTTE Gear helmet bag, also in the signature Armasight Gray.

Depending on the package you select, there are included accessories such as a Rayvn Rail + 2 PODs bridge for Sidekick thermal systems, a 30mm Ring Mount for NV systems, and a Battery Pack for BNVD-40 and 51 systems. All of these kits will be available from Armasight’s website as well as select dealers.

See Through the Dark

The main idea behind this bundle is to make it as simple as possible for anyone to get their hands on a ready-to-use, high-quality night vision setup. All kits are backed by a 3-year warranty from Armasight. Pricing ranges from $6,399 for a PVS-14 monocular kit to $9,999 for a BNVD-51 dual-tube kit.

Whether you're interested in shooting, hiking, or simply stargazing after nightfall, this kit from Armasight is an appealing option. It cuts out the hassle of buying components separately, and ensures you get everything you need at the same time with a single warranty.

We've already spent some time testing the Armasight Ultimate Night Vision Kit, so keep an eye out for our full review in Issue 58 of OFFGRID — coming soon.


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