Make & Model - Emergency Essentials Teriyaki Noodles with Freeze-Dried Beef
Package Size - 38 ounces
Servings Per Package - 12
Calories Per Serving - 350
Approximate Shelf Life - 25 years
Prep Method / Prep Time - Add to boiling water in separate container / 7-10 minutes
MSRP / Cost Per Ounce - $40.75 / $1.07 per ounce

Large sealed can of freeze-dried egg noodle pieces with teriyaki sauce powder, beef, red bell pepper, pineapple, and mushrooms.

Tester #1: Patrick Vuong
The consistency of the teriyaki is viscous like authentic teriyaki sauce. And the beef and noodles are enjoyable. My biggest gripe is the limited amount of noodles. This is more like a thick teriyaki soup with beef and bits of noodles. Also, keep in mind that, like the other Emergency Essentials meal we tried, it comes in a large can and is meant to supplement your long-term food supply at home.

Tester #2: John Schwartze
If you buy a can of this, it'll feed you for a while, so you'd better be happy with it. The flavor was great — nice and rich. Unfortunately the picture on the can is misleading. There's way more sauce than there were noodles, so you might have to deviate a little from the instructions to perfect the water-to-scoop ratio, and you'll have to fish around to get the amount of noodles you want. I like this one, but wish the noodles were larger and more abundant. It certainly goes a long way, so thankfully the leftovers will be tasty.

Tester #3: Patrick McCarthy
I generally have a pretty high tolerance for salty food, but this dish is way too salty for me. Prepared as directed by the label, the teriyaki sauce is packed with tangy and sweet flavor, but also made me feel like I needed to check my blood pressure after a few bites. However, it should be easy to add more water and reduce its potency — I'll take this problem over a bland dish any day. The noodles taste fine, but I wish they were more intact. The half-inch noodle fragments are easier to eat with a spoon.

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