Make & Model - First Light T-Max LE
Max Lumen Output - 700
Max Runtime - 60 hrs.
Overall Length - 3.4 in.
Weight with Batteries - 5.9 oz.
Battery Type - CR123 (two, included)
Controls - Dual push-button switches for white and color LEDs, momentary button, lockout mode
Output Modes - White, red, blue, green, red/green (each with high, medium, low modes), white strobe, safety beacon (red/white/blue strobe)
MSRP - $280

The T-Max LE tactical light is both intensely powerful and versatile. It features a max output of 700 lumens, three power levels, four LED colors, red-green mode for highlighting blood spatter, and even a red-white-blue safety beacon strobe. However, all these functions are complicated to control, as you'll need to memorize various button combinations to select each function. Also, this light is quite expensive, so we'd recommend it to advanced users.

Pros: Extremely bright, Compact, Many useful output modes

Cons: High price, Complicated button controls result in a steep learning curve

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