Lumen Output - Output (with one CR123 or 16340): Turbo 770 / Max 160 / Economic 70 / Low 26 / Weak 1
Runtime - Turbo 1.3 h / Max 1.5 h / Economic 8 h / Low 37 h / Weak 300 h
Overall Length - 4.29 in
Weight with Battery - 4.4 oz
Battery Type - AA, CR123, 14500, 16340, or 18650 (1, not included)
Controls - Constant-on/momentary tailcap push-button switch, mode select side switch

With seven output options, the JETBeam WL-S1 might boast the most functions in this guide. Not only does it have five brightness settings, it also has strobe and SOS modes. Most impressive of all, it can use not only a single AA battery, but also CR123 and more obscure 14500, 1630, and 18650 sizes. Its overall length will vary depending on what type of battery is installed. It has two switches, a constant-on and momentary tailcap push-button and an illuminated side-mounted mode button. We found the light's dual button system complicated to use. Note that the above lumen output ratings are based on either a CR123 or 16340 battery, and not a AA.

Pros: Many battery options
Cons: Confusing to use

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