Make & Model - Fenix TK35 Ultimate Edition
Colorway - Black
Lumen Output - Turbo 1,800 / High 750 / Mid 250 / Low 25 / Strobe 1,800 / SOS 250
Beam Options - Turbo / High / Mid / Low / Strobe / SOS
Runtime - Turbo 1 hr 30 mins / High 4 hrs / Mid 13 hr 30 mins / Low 150 hrs
Bezel Diameter - 2.05 in
Overall Length - 6.5 in
Weight with Battery - 12.9 oz (with two 18650 Li-ion)
Battery Type - Two rechargeable lithium ion 18650 (not included) or four CR123A Lithium (not included)
Controls - Momentary and constant-on tail-cap push-button switch, output selection switch
Accessories - Nylon holster with belt loop
MSRP - $130

Thanks to the TK35 Ultimate Edition's dual tail switch system, this powerful yet compact flashlight can be activated in six different modes using one hand. Its two thumb-activated push-buttons are different sizes and heights so that they are simple to manipulate, even without looking (though you have to pay a little closer attention if you're wearing gloves). At maximum power, the factory lists its single Cree MT-G2 LED to run for 1.5 hours at an impressive 1,800 lumens while projecting light over 260 yards out. The light's output is digitally regulated, meaning that it will run at constant brightness until its batteries run down. When it senses low power, it also warns the user with a low-voltage warning. Powered by either two rechargeable Li-ion batteries or four disposable lithium batteries, this light provides the user with some power source flexibility. Its seizure-inducing strobe and SOS modes flash at 1,800 and 250 lumens, respectively. Its Type III hard-anodized aluminum body is flat shaped past its cylindrical head, making it easy to grip.

Pros: Brightness, multiple battery options, dual tail switch

Cons: Too many modes for casual users

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