Colorway - Coyote
Lumen Output - High 340 / Mid 175 / Low 33 / Red 10 / S.O.S. 10
Runtime - High 30 hr. / Mid 70 hr. / Low 295 hr. / Red 235 hr. / S.O.S. 430 hr.
Overall Width - 3.75 in.
Overall Height - 7.25 in.
Weight With Battery - 1 lbs 14.8 oz.
Battery Type - D (three, not included)
Controls - Constant-on push-button switch
MSRP - $61

The Siege is hardcore. It's rated IPX7, meaning that it's waterproof to 1 meter and is impact resistant up to 2 meters. It also floats in water and has a rubber molded cap, body, and base for enhanced grip. Its provides 360 degrees of soft light that illuminates a large area and can go as long as 12 days on its low setting with just three D alkaline batteries. Its recessed switch activates the lantern's white LED from a high 340-lumen mode down to 33 lumens in low mode. It also has a 10-lumen red LED mode for preserving night vision and a flashing red SOS mode for emergency signaling that runs an impressive 430 hours (that's almost 18 days straight!). The Siege can be hung from its top or bottom hooks and has a stowable carry handle.

Pros: Robust build, long runtime, brightness
Cons: Weight for its size

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