So you've finally made it to safety. Whether you're taking shelter from a passing tornado or hunkering down in a basement until the bad guys leave, at some point you'll need to be able to see in the dark. It's obvious that having a source of constant light is invaluable.

While we always preach that everyone should have a flashlight, keeping a portable lantern at the ready can illuminate your workspace while freeing up your hands. Like most lighting equipment, portable lanterns come in many shapes and sizes with differing features. In this guide, we take a look at models that can be easily stowed. These lanterns are made to be packable and can be stuffed into a car trunk, glovebox, camping pack, or bug-out bag. Depending on what your end use is, there's a lantern here that'll fit your needs.

Portable Lanterns Buyer's Guide

  • Black Diamond Apollo

    Colorway - Colorway Matte Black, Ultra White (shown)
    Lumen Output - High 80 / Low 10
    Runtime - High 15 hr. / Low 60 hr.
    Overall Width - 3 in. / Open: 5.5 in.
    Overall Height - Closed: 5.125 in. / Open: 9.625 in.
    Weight With Battery - 11.4 oz.
    Battery Type - AA (four, not included) or NRG Rechargeable Battery Kit (sold separately)
    Controls - Constant-on/variable-adjust push button
    MSRP - $50
    URL -

    Looking like it just landed on the surface of the moon, the aptly named Apollo spews out 80 lumens of bright ambient light on its highest setting and is adjustable down to 10 lumens on its lowest setting.

  • Coast EAL20

    Colorway - Black and yellow
    Lumen Output - High 375 / Variable
    Runtime - Low 100 hr.
    Overall Width - 5.5 in.
    Overall Height - 8.25 in.
    Weight With Battery - 2 lbs 4.5 oz.
    Battery Type - D (four, not included)
    Controls - Constant-on push button, variable output selection dial
    MSRP - $54
    URL -

    The Coast EAL20 LED Lantern is equipped with nine LEDs (one white and eight red) which provide approximately 375 lumens of bright light on its highest setting or 80 hours of runtime on its lowest power saving setting with four D batteries.

  • Coleman CPX 6 Triago Lantern

    Colorway - Black and red
    Lumen Output - High 450 (lantern) / High 150 (panel)
    Runtime - Low 300 hr. (lantern) / Low 7 hr. (panel)
    Overall Width - 6 in.
    Overall Height - 10.75 in.
    Weight With Battery - 4 lbs 5.2 oz.
    Battery Type - D (four, not included), rechargeable cartridge (sold separately)
    Controls - Constant push-button switch on lantern base and on each panel
    MSRP - $120
    URL -

    The Triago illuminates a wide swath of area at 450 lumens on its high setting for up to 13 hours.

  • Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern

    Colorway - Black
    Lumen Output - High 250 / Variable
    Runtime - High 2.5 hr. / Low 48 hr.
    Overall Width - 4.5 in.
    Overall Height - 6.25 in.
    Weight With Battery - 1 lbs 3.5 oz.
    Battery Type - Rechargeable Li-NMC (included)
    Controls - Rotary dial switch, emergency signal push button
    MSRP - $80
    URL -

    Packed full of features, the Lighthouse 250 Lantern can be charged via a wall outlet, a built-in hand crank, or even with an optional Goal Zero solar panel.

  • Kelty Flashback Mini

    Colorway - Ano Black (shown), Ano Green, Ano Orange
    Lumen Output - Lantern Mode: High 50 / Low 20; Flashlight Mode High 70 / Low 20
    Runtime - High 13 hr. / Low 38 hr.
    Overall Width - Closed: 2.25 in. / Open: 2.25 in.
    Overall Height - Closed: 3.75 in. / Open: 5.25 in.
    Weight With Battery - 8.8 oz.
    Battery Type - AAA (four, not included)
    Controls - Constant-on push-button switch
    MSRP - $40
    URL -

    In its compact form, the Flashback Mini acts as a flashlight. When fully deployed from its telescoping aluminum body, it's a lantern capable of lighting up an area about 15 feet in any direction.

  • Streamlight The Siege

    Colorway - Coyote
    Lumen Output - High 340 / Mid 175 / Low 33 / Red 10 / S.O.S. 10
    Runtime - High 30 hr. / Mid 70 hr. / Low 295 hr. / Red 235 hr. / S.O.S. 430 hr.
    Overall Width - 3.75 in.
    Overall Height - 7.25 in.
    Weight With Battery - 1 lbs 14.8 oz.
    Battery Type - D (three, not included)
    Controls - Constant-on push-button switch
    MSRP - $61
    URL -

    The Siege is hardcore. It's rated IPX7, meaning that it's waterproof to 1 meter and is impact resistant up to 2 meters. It also floats in water and has a rubber molded cap, body, and base for enhanced grip.

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