Colorway - Colorway Matte Black, Ultra White (shown)
Lumen Output - High 80 / Low 10
Runtime - High 15 hr. / Low 60 hr.
Overall Width - 3 in. / Open: 5.5 in.
Overall Height - Closed: 5.125 in. / Open: 9.625 in.
Weight With Battery - 11.4 oz.
Battery Type - AA (four, not included) or NRG Rechargeable Battery Kit (sold separately)
Controls - Constant-on/variable-adjust push button
MSRP - $50

Looking like it just landed on the surface of the moon, the aptly named Apollo spews out 80 lumens of bright ambient light on its highest setting and is adjustable down to 10 lumens on its lowest setting. Because its globe is frosted, its LED light is soft and easy on the eyes. In its compact form, the Apollo feels robust enough to take more than a few jolts and is easily packed away until it is needed. It deploys by extending its frosted section above its body, which in turn reveals the power button. The lantern sits on three rubber-tipped legs that fold down from the sides of its body. The extra height gained provides a wider area of light dispersion. At top are hooked loops that allow the Apollo to be hung.

Pros: Compact size, lightweight, ease of use
Cons: Cannot be activated in its compact form

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