Colorway - Black and yellow
Lumen Output - High 375 / Variable
Runtime - Low 100 hr.
Overall Width - 5.5 in.
Overall Height - 8.25 in.
Weight With Battery - 2 lbs 4.5 oz.
Battery Type - D (four, not included)
Controls - Constant-on push button, variable output selection dial
MSRP - $54

The Coast EAL20 LED Lantern is equipped with nine LEDs (one white and eight red) which provide approximately 375 lumens of bright light on its highest setting or 80 hours of runtime on its lowest power saving setting with four D batteries. Lantern lighting options include white variable area light and flashing red or solid red options. Its power push button is separate from its dial dimming switch so you can choose how bright you want the light to be before you turn it on. The EAL20 also has a battery-life indicator and handle to allow for hanging or carrying.

Pros: Brightness selection dial is independent from the power button
Cons: Heavy weight

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