Colorway - Black
Lumen Output - High 250 / Variable
Runtime - High 2.5 hr. / Low 48 hr.
Overall Width - 4.5 in.
Overall Height - 6.25 in.
Weight With Battery - 1 lbs 3.5 oz.
Battery Type - Rechargeable Li-NMC (included)
Controls - Rotary dial switch, emergency signal push button
MSRP - $80

Packed full of features, the Lighthouse 250 Lantern can be charged via a wall outlet, a built-in hand crank, or even with an optional Goal Zero solar panel. Its two Cree LEDs can be activated one at a time or together: single LED provides directional lighting and a longer runtime while dual LEDs provide brighter, unidirectional lighting. Unlike the others in this guide, the Lighthouse 250 includes a USB port that lets you charge other devices and has the capability of keeping itself charged (with your help) via its hand crank. One minute of cranking provides about 10 minutes of light. The dial switch on its face varies how bright the light output is and a small emergency button activates flashing red signal lights on the lantern's cap.

Pros: Integral hand crank for charging, USB port to charge other devices
Cons: Does not accept disposable batteries

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