Make & Model - Sunwayman T60CS
Colorway - Black
Lumen Output - Turbo 2,394 / High 1,915 / Mid 410 / Low 22 / Strobe 2,394
Beam Options -Turbo / High / Mid / Low / Strobe / SOS
Run Time - Turbo 5 minutes (then reverts to High) / High 2 hrs / Mid 9 hrs / Low 60 hrs
Bezel Diameter - 2.36 in
Overall Length - 5.75 in
Weight with Battery - 1 lbs 0.8 oz (with three 18650 Li-ion)
Battery Type - Three rechargeable lithium ion 18650 (not included) or six CR123A (not included)
Controls - Constant-on programmable push-button side switch
Accessories - Nylon holster with belt loop, lanyard
MSRP - $226

The T60CS's 2,394-lumen Turbo mode is so bright that it automatically “shifts down” to its 1,915-lumen High mode after five minutes of use to avoid overheating. Coming in at a very compact 5.75-inches in length, this aluminum-bodied light is equipped with three Cree XM-L2 LEDs and is essentially a wearable searchlight. It has a programmable constant-on side-activation button and unique power source system. It takes three rechargeable 18650 batteries or six disposable CR123As in a battery carrier. As long as the batteries are installed correctly within the carrier, the carrier itself can be inserted into the light in either direction without regard to polarity. If you opt to go rechargeable, the TC60CS can be docked to a charger (sold separately) that allows charging without removing the batteries. We found that after about 20 minutes of constant use on high mode, the body of the flashlight became warm to the touch, especially around the power button, which is located on the bezel.

Pros: Brightness, size, battery options

Cons: Gets hot around the power button

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