Lumen Output - High 600-650 / Low 40
Runtime - High 1.4 h / Low 21.8 h
Overall Length - 5 in
Weight with Battery - 6.2 oz
Battery Type - Lithium 123A (2, not included)
Controls - Constant on/momentary tailcap push-button switch

Offered in a limited edition batch of 1,000 pieces only, the PKFL2LE is hands down the most aggressively contoured flashlight in this guide. Its unique bezel and tailcap is made to be anti-rolling and anti-slip _ and by the look and feel of it, anti-bad guy too. The body’s contour is kinda sharp, making it uncomfortable to grip without gloves. It is IPX7 rated and can throw a beam out to 200 meters on high mode.

Pros: Aggressive strike bezel, anti-roll and anti-slip
Cons: Body contour too sharp, price

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