Light can be an effective weapon in the dark. It can help illuminate dim corners so that no surprises jump out at you. But should something (or someone) leap toward you, having a flashlight with a striking bezel could give you an advantage. A blast of bright white light in the face of a night-adjusted foe could momentarily blind him, giving you enough time to deliver a powerful defensive blow and create space to escape.

A striking bezel is essentially the rim on a flashlight's head that helps protect its lens, but is shaped like a pointy crown. Some can be subtle with minimal ridges, while others look like a circle of steel teeth (which could get you unwanted attention from authorities). Keep in mind you don't always need sharp bezels to do damage. After all, getting hit in the face with a tactical flashlight is essentially like getting hit with a small aluminum baton. But with a striking bezel you can do more soft tissue damage and draw blood faster that can then get in a bad guy's eyes, further limiting his vision.

So, in this installment of HighLights, we take a look at a selection of tactical flashlights to shine some light (pun totally intended) on the various striking bezels available out there. Some of these torches are small enough to be carried daily, while others are comfortable in a toolbox or slung on the outside of a bug-out bag. Some use throwaway batteries, while others use rechargeables — and one can even switch between the two types. Read on to see which one “strikes” your fancy.

Tactical Flashlights with Striking Bezels

  • Brite-Strike RHIGHT Duty Light

    Lumen Output - High 600 / Low 170 / Strobe 600
    Runtime - High 2 h / Low 8 h / Strobe 2.5 h
    Overall Length - 6.25 in
    Weight with Battery - 6.7 oz
    Battery Type - Rechargeable Lithium 18650 (included)
    URL -
    Controls - Constant on/momentary tailcap push-button switch

    The rechargeable Brite-Strike RHIGHT Duty Light is 100-percent waterproof and was developed to use the latest Cree LED to cast 600 lumens of light for two hours on its high setting.

  • Coast Products Polysteel 600

    Lumen Output - High 620 / Medium 220 / Low 64
    Runtime - High 2 h / Medium 4.5 h / Low 34 h
    Overall Length - (Flood Mode): 7.87 in, (Spot Mode): 8.12 in
    Weight with Battery - 12 oz
    Battery Type - AA (4, included)
    URL -
    Controls - Beam-focusing twist bezel, constant on/momentary tailcap push-button

    Tested and rated to ANSI/FL1 standards, the Polysteel 600 flashlight's body has a stainless steel core that's enclosed in a grip-textured nylon polymer.

  • Coleman CTAC 60 LED

    Lumen Output - High 600 / Medium 300 / Low 20 / Strobe N/A
    Runtime - High 2 h / Medium 5 h / Low 30 h / Strobe N/A
    Overall Length - 6.5 in
    Weight with Battery - 7.6 oz
    Battey Type - Rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 (included)
    URL -
    Controls- Constant on/momentary tailcap push-button switch

    Coleman's CTAC 60 LED Flashlight is USB rechargeable and can produce up to 600 lumens of light while on high mode.

  • Olight M10 Maverick

    Lumen Output - High 350 / Medium 80 / Low 5
    Runtime - High 1.25 h / Medium 7.5 h/ Low 108 h
    Overall Length - 3.7 in
    Weight with Battery - 2.4 oz
    Battery Type - CR123A (1, not included)
    URL -
    Controls - Constant on/momentary tailcap push-button switch, programmable side switch

    The M10 Maverick has picked up a legion of fans for Olight and for good reason.

  • PK Design Lab PKFL2LE

    Lumen Output - High 600-650 / Low 40
    Runtime - High 1.4 h / Low 21.8 h
    Overall Length - 5 in
    Weight with Battery - 6.2 oz
    Battery Type - Lithium 123A (2, not included)
    URL -
    Controls - Constant on/momentary tailcap push-button switch

    Offered in a limited edition batch of 1,000 pieces only, the PKFL2LE is hands down the most aggressively contoured flashlight in this guide.

  • Streamlight ProTac HL USB

    Lumen Output - High 850 / Medium 350 / Low 85 / Strobe N/A
    Runtime - High 1.5 h/ Medium 4 h / Low 12 h/ Strobe 1.5 h
    Overall Length - 6.5 in
    Weight with Nattery - 7.2 oz
    Batterty Type - Rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 (included) or CR123 Lithium (3, not included)
    URL -
    Controls - Programmable constant on/momentary tailcap push-button switch

    Streamlight is well known for making solid performing flashlights and the ProTac HL USB is no exception.

  • SureFire E1D LED Defender

    Lumen Output - High 300 / Low 5
    Runtime - High 1.3 h / Low 47 h
    Overall Length - 4.25 in
    Weight with Battery - 3.1 oz
    Battery Type - 123A (1, included)
    URL -
    Controls - Constant on/momentary tailcap push-button switch

    SureFire has built an impeccable reputation around the world thanks to its high-quality products.

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