Lumen Output - High 300 / Low 5
Runtime - High 1.3 h / Low 47 h
Overall Length - 4.25 in
Weight with Battery - 3.1 oz
Battery Type - 123A (1, included)
Controls - Constant on/momentary tailcap push-button switch

SureFire has built an impeccable reputation around the world thanks to its high-quality products. Its flashlights are built as tough as they come, so it's no wonder militaries and law enforcement agencies rely on these devices. The E1D LED Defender is a compact flashlight that is equipped with SureFire's trademarked Strike Bezel design that can provide capable defensive options if ever needed. It is powered by only one 123A-sized battery, making it a pocket-sized torch perfect for everyday carry.

Pros: Capable Strike Bezel, requires only one battery
Cons: Price

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