Lumen Output - Turbo 900 / High 300 / Mid 160 / Low 70 / Lower 1
Runtime -Turbo 30 min / High 45 min / Mid 1 h 30 min / Low 2 h 30 min / Lower 12 h
Overall Length - 3.62 in
Weight With Battery -2.7 oz
Battery Type- AA Alkaline (1, included)
Controls - constant-on bezel-mounted side switch, mode select side switch

As the most compact light in this guide, the Nitecore EA11 brings big performance. Proof that good things can indeed come in small packages, the EA11 is capable of producing 900 lumens of blinding light and also features a night-vision-friendly red light. The aluminum-bodied light has two switches on the side of its bezel, one for power and the other for the light output mode. Various button presses can activate the turbo and lower modes as well as the separate low-lumen red LED. Surprisingly, the many button options are easy to get used to. Its compact size feels like it would work well with a tailcap switch, which it lacks.

– Bright, small, red auxiliary light

– No tailcap switch

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