Dimensions - 9.6 inches tall, 2.9-inch diameter, 16 fluid ounces
Dry Weight - 10.9 ounces
Filtration Lifespan - 40 gallons (per replaceable cartridge)
Operation Type - Fill outer sleeve, then press down inner reservoir
Effective Against - Bacteria, protozoan cysts, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, particulates, taste & odor
MSRP / Initial Cost per Gal. / Recurring Cost per Gal. - $57 / $1.43 / $0.61
URL - www.thegrayl.com

The GRAYL Ultralight recently joined the filtration market following a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2016. This water bottle is comprised of an outer sleeve and an inner reservoir with attached filter cartridge. It’s intuitive to use — just scoop water into the outer sleeve and use your body weight to press down on the inner portion, forcing water up through the filter. This process takes about 15 seconds. With the addition of the screw-on lid, your newly filtered water is already bottled and ready to go. The filter is effective against all of the contaminants we considered, making it ideal for use on the dirtiest water sources. One downside is the high cost per gallon; replacement filter cartridges cost $24.50. Also, the filter became moderately clogged in our murky water test, but cleared up after flushing it a few times with clear water. Despite these minor issues, the GRAYL Ultralight impressed us.


  • Effective against all noteworthy contaminants. Greatly exceeds NSF/ANSI standards for removing bacteria, cysts, and viruses.
  • Fast and easy to use


  • Filter cartridges have a relatively short lifespan and cost $24.50 each.

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