Dimensions - 5.7 inches tall, 1.8-inch diameter
Dry Weight - 3 ounces
Filtration Lifespan - 120 gallons (per replaceable cartridge)
Operation Type - Suction, inline, gravity feed
Effective Against - Bacteria, protozoan cysts, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, particulates, taste & odor
MSRP / Initial Cost per Gal. / Recurring Cost per Gal - $50 / $0.42 / $0.33
URL - www.aquamira.com

This filter offers broad-spectrum protection in a pocket-sized kit. It contains a replaceable Red Line filter, which removes contaminants from all of the major categories. Its integrated carbon sleeve substantially improved the taste of tap water. However, upon sucking up murky water, the filter quickly clogged. This slowed the flow rate dramatically, and made suction use difficult (imagine trying to drink a thick milkshake through a skinny straw). On top of this, the filter cartridge can’t be backflushed and cleaned, so it must be replaced for $40 if it becomes clogged. We think the addition of a washable screen or pre-filter would help avoid this issue. Overall, the Frontier Max performed admirably, but we’d advise against using it extensively in turbid or muddy water.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Quick-connect system provides easy inline adaptability to hydration bladders.


  • Filter became clogged after use in murky water, slowing flow rate to a trickle.

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