Dimensions - 12 inches tall, 3.5-inch diameter, 25 fluid ounces
Dry Weight - 22 ounces
Filtration Lifespan - 1,056 gallons (per replaceable cartridge)
Operation Type - Fill bottle, then pump four to six times
Effective Against -Bacteria, protozoan cysts, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, particulates, taste & odor
MSRP / Initial Cost per Gal. / Recurring Cost per Gal. - $150 / $0.14 / $0.09
URL - www.iconlifesaver.com

The British-made Icon Lifesaver bottle is available in three capacities: 1500UF, 4000UF, and 6000UF. The “UF” stands for Ultra Filtration, Icon Lifesaver’s proprietary filter media. We tested the 4000UF model, which is capable of filtering 4,000 liters (or 1,056 gallons). The Lifesaver bottle is easy to use — simply invert, unscrew the base, fill with water, replace the base, and pump the handle four to six times. Then flip open the watertight cap, and pull the nozzle inside for a pressurized stream of clean water. This pressure aspect takes getting used to, as the stream won’t stop until the valve is closed. One concern with this system is the way it scoops up water. Dipping the bottle brings contaminated water dangerously close to the clean-capped nozzle. Also, the bottle is quite bulky and heavy for mobile use, but it does provide excellent pathogen protection across the board.


  • Three-stage modular filters block particulates effectively and are simple to clean.


  • Large and heavy
  • Pressurized system tends to spray clean water if you’re not quick to close the nozzle.

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