Dimensions - 5.5 inches tall, 1.4-inch diameter
Dry Weight - 2 ounces
Filtration Lifespan - 100,000 gallons (requires occasional backflush cleaning)
Operation Type - Suction, inline, squeeze from included pouch, or screw onto a bottle
Effective Against - Bacteria, protozoan cysts, particulates
MSRP / Initial Cost per Gal. / Recurring Cost per Gal. - $25 / $0.0003 / N/A (no replaceable parts)
URL - www.sawyer.com

With a $25 price tag and claimed 100,000-gallon filtration capacity, the MINI is a clear leader in value. It also lives up to its name, since it’s barely larger than the palm of your hand, and it weighs next to nothing. An included straw and squeeze pouch provide multiple ways to use the filter — you can even thread it onto the top of plastic water bottles commonly sold in vending machines. The Sawyer Mini only protects against bacteria and protozoa, which seems a little lacking, but this filter greatly exceeds NSF/ANSI standards for these two common pathogens. So, while this filter doesn’t provide the broadest protection, it’s efficient at removing what matters most.


  • Long lifespan
  • Easy to clean by backflushing with the included syringe
  • Extremely light and compact


  • Not effective against viruses

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