Dimensions - 7.1 inches tall, 1.4-inch diameter
Dry Weight - 3.5 ounces
Filtration Lifespan - 264 gallons (per replaceable cartridge)
Operation Type - Suction, gravity feed, or screw onto a bottle
Effective Against - Bacteria, protozoan cysts* (see notes), chemicals, particulates, heavy metals, taste & odor
MSRP / Initial Cost per Gal. / Recurring Cost per Gal. - $44 / $0.16 / $0.08
URL - www.renovowater.com

The Renovo Trio is a straw-style filter with three elements: a pre-filter, a hollow-fiber membrane, and an activated carbon filter. It’s simple to use, flows well, and removed most of the particulates from our murky water test. Nevertheless, after researching the Trio, we noticed other identically designed filters sold under different brand names online. It turns out that Renovo contracted the manufacturing to a Chinese company, which allegedly sold Renovo’s design to other brands, according to a Renovo representative. So, beware other filters that resemble this design, as they may not meet the same standards as the Trio.
Additionally, lab results provided by Renovo indicate the Trio removes 99.999 percent of bacteria from water, but don’t address protozoa removal claims. Given its filter pore size, the Trio will theoretically remove protozoa from water, but this has not been verified through specific lab testing. The fact that the bacteria removal percentage (99.999 percent) does not meet or exceed NSF/ANSI water purity guidelines (99.9999 percent) also concerns us.
Easy to use
Good flow rate
Lab results provided by Renovo indicate this filter does not
meet NSF/ANSI guidelines for bacteria removal.
The filter media can theoretically remove
protozoa, but provided lab results don’t
address or quantify this claim.

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