Make & Model - GSI Outdoors Telescoping Foon
Dimensions - 6 / 3.9 (closed / open) by 1.5 by 0.7 inches
Weight - 0.3 ounces
Material - Copolyester and acetal
Colorways - Blue, Green, Orange, Red
MSRP - $4

This utensil has a head that slides back and forth on the handle. It might seem a little rickety when collapsed, but it locks in nicely when fully extended. GSI Outdoors calls it a “foon” rather than a “spork,” perhaps because the tines are thin, reinforced, and longer than typically found on other spork designs. Additionally, there are hooks on either end; in our testing, this feature actually did improve its effectiveness as a fork. Plus, the spoon is reasonably large and deep. It's our favorite spork-like design. But it's not metal; don't be too rough on it.

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