Make & Model - GLOCK Entrenching Tool with Pouch
Length Open - 25.125 inches
Length Closed - 10.25 inches
Weight - 1 lb, 7.3 oz
Carry Case - Nylon with belt loop
MSRP - $50
Notes - This folding multifunction shovel is lockable in four positions and can be configured as a spade, shovel, saw, and hoe. It weighs about half that of a conventional E-Tool. The extendable telescopic handle allows the tool to shrink down to a very manageable package and is made of high-impact resistant polymer material for outstanding ruggedness and reliability. The hardened steel blade is sharpened and is finished with a durable, black anti-corrosive surface treatment. Stored in the hollow handle is a separate steel saw blade with screwdriver tip that attach to the handle for use. For enhanced endurance and reliability, the entrenching tool has no welding or rivets.

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