RANGE-R Card FLEX: A New Approach to Passive Range Finding

Overview of the RANGE-R Card FLEX by Black Hills Designs, its unique features, benefits, and how it stands out in the field.

The field of passive range finding has been evolving, and one of the latest additions to this category is the RANGE-R Card FLEX by Black Hills Designs. This hand held tool requires no batteries, is as light as feather, and is relatively accurate. There are two designs, a small version the size of a playing card, and a slightly larger model about the size of an index card. Cut into the corner of the larger model is a place to stick a small chem light to be able to read the engravings after dark.

Key Features of the RANGE-R Card FLEX

  • Zero Emissions: One of the most notable aspects of the RANGE-R Card FLEX is its lack of thermal, IR (infrared), EM (electromagnetic), or SWIR (short wave infrared) emissions. This feature allows for discreet operations without the risk of electronic detection, which is crucial in certain tactical scenarios.
  • Compact Design: With the smallest dimensions measuring 5.375″ x 3″ and a weight of approximately 1 oz, the card is designed for easy portability. It can fit into various compartments, such as a cargo pocket, a binocular pack, or a general-purpose pouch.

  • Versatile Applications: The card can function as a standalone tool for range finding or can be integrated with other traditional methods like Laser Range Finding, GPS, and Milling to improve accuracy. It's also a reasonably accurate contingency incase a primary, battery powered range finder fails or breaks, extending the time one can remain in the field.
  • Educational Utility: For those learning the art of range finding, this card serves as an effective educational tool, aiding in the development of intuitive ranging skills.
  • Multiple Reticles: The card incorporates six different reticles, including those for ranging a man, a door, a semi-truck, an shipping container, a ranch fence, and an average SUV. This variety allows for a more flexible approach to range finding.
  • Enhanced Features: The third generation of the RANGE-R Card comes with improvements in optical clarity, overall accuracy, and additional retention points. It is also 50% thinner and flexible, making it easier to handle.

Conclusion: A Comprehensive Tool for Range Finding

While there are several range finding cards available, the RANGE-R Card FLEX offers unique features that set it apart. Its emission-free operation and compact, lightweight design make it a practical choice for users who require discretion and portability. Although using it at night with a small chemlight is an interesting feature, it may not be the best method to use if light discipline is a concern. Also, the groove that holds the chemlight may not be a perfect fit. In the image above, a small strip of duct tape was used to give the chemlight a fit that was more snug. That being said, the RANGE-R Card FLEX offers a new perspective in the field of passive range finding. Its unique features and benefits make it a versatile and reliable tool for both professionals and learners.


MSRP: $25

URL: blackhillsdesigns.net

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