Whether you’ve got a truck, Jeep, ATV, motorcycle, or even a boat, visibility is essential to navigating at night. And when it comes to illumination, LEDs are king—they’re compact, efficient, durable, and produce immense amounts of crystal clear light. It’s no wonder we’re seeing more and more old halogen bulbs going the way of the dodo, and being replaced by LEDs.

KC LED Flex Light 3

KC LED Flex Light 1

KC LED Flex Light 2

KC Hilites just released a new light system that takes vehicle LED lighting to the next level: FLEX LED. The FLEX LED system is designed to be modular, allowing the individual light pods to be linked and stacked in numerous combinations. So, rather than buying fixed LED light bars in every size or shape you need, you can simply buy a set of FLEX LED pods and link them into arrays. If you decide to change your setup later, they’re simple to disconnect and rearrange. These lights are also designed to handle harsh endurance racing environments and backed by a 23-year warranty, so they’re built to last.

For more information, visit the KC FLEX LED web site.

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