Material - Polyester
Weight - 1.6 pounds (extra large)
Colors - Black/black (shown), hedge green/citron green, navy/blue

Blackhawk's jacket features 100-percent polyester waterproof fabric with additional reinforcement on the shoulders and arms. Two exterior hand pockets are mesh lined and can be accessed from the inside as well. There are two chest pockets, one accessed internally and the other externally, with pop-out flaps with Velcro for badges. One more bicep pocket provides additional storage. Side vents extend from the armpit to the waist, and the hem has a drawstring adjustment.

Pros: The collar features a comfortable soft fabric lining, and the adjustable hood can be removed. The tail of the jacket is extended to keep your butt dry. Side vents provide some access to belt-mounted items, but don't open completely on the bottom.
Cons: Zippers are not waterproof and rely on storm flaps to keep water out. Cuffs are gusseted, but cannot be cinched if the arms are too long for you. The hood has two drawstring adjustments, but we found the brim crowded our vision.

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