MITTS - Black Diamond Guide Finger
COLORS - Natural, Black
PALM MATERIAL - Goat Leather
BASE MATERIAL - Nylon/Gore-Tex Waterproof/Breathable Liner
INSULATION - Primaloft Gold/Polartec Fleece/Boiled Wool
MSRP - $170
NOTES - The most practical approach to massively warm and useful handwear, the BD Guide Finger combines all the durability and comfort of leather with the insulating properties of carefully mapped out array of Primaloft Gold hi-loft, Polartec Fleece and Boiled wool insulation. Aside from the dexterous benefits of a claw mitten, there's even some foam padding on the knuckles, and a Cyberian cord lock for one-handed open and closing of the gauntlet.
PERFORMANCE - Out in the open these mitts are warm. They are equally warm in a driving wind and can sluff off snow and rain for hours. Like any leather, though the innards will remain dry, extended use in rain will lead to the leather wetting out and weighing a ton. Still, with dry warm hands on the inside, you've got options. Probably the second warmest feeling handwear we donned for this test, it's without a doubt the best combination of warmth, comfort, and dexterity in any handwear presented here.

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