GLOVE - Carhartt Fleece Duck Glove
COLORS - Black, Brown, Gravel
PALM MATERIAL - Polyester Fleece w/Polyurethane Grip Panels
BASE MATERIAL - Polyester Fleece
MSRP - $23
NOTES - These polyester fleece gloves feel a little bit lighter than a college sweatshirt. But, the tiny voids trap a lot more air than the knitted fabric of your favorite leaf raking uniform. We pulled these synthetic fleece Carhartts off a discount rack and used them for an afternoon of early winter fence mending in northern New England. Rubberish grip panels across the palms helped give some grip to the otherwise frictionless fleece.
PERFORMANCE - The fleece snagged on every splinter in the fence boards and every swing of the hammer brought visions of Thor loosing Mjölnir upon the horses in the adjacent pasture. The gloves hold more heat than they should by looking at them, but it's still not that much. Fine dog walkers, and a step above "better than nothing."

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