Make & Model - Under Armour UA Sunblock Short Sleeve Shirt
UPF Rating - 50+
Materials - Polyester
Colors - Absinthe green, black, blackout navy, blue marker, smash yellow, white
MSRP - $45

This is a function-forward T-shirt, focused squarely on doing a single job really well: helping your performance during athletic pursuits no matter how sunny it is outside. We used it for workout runs on asphalt pavement and other roll-up-the-sleeves tasks, such as loading kayaks and setting up our basecamp.

The solar shielding was great, as our torso didn't even get a hint of a tan. However, the material didn't seem to disperse heat as well as some of the other shirts. Compounding the problem, once we got really hot the fabric had a tendency to stick to our skin. On the plus side, the waffle texture allowed it to dry quickly as soon as we cooled down.

This shirt is close-fitting, but the way the pieces are stitched together combined with the stretchy nature of the polyester, still allows for great flexibility. We could confidently wear this shirt on a cloudless backcountry hike, or during a manmade disaster in the middle of summer. Our only caveat: order one size up if you don't want to look like you shop at Baby Gap.

– Highest UV protection offered in this buyer's guide
– Good performance at an affordable price
– Excellent freedom of movement

– Could be more comfortable by adding perforation or ventilation
– Fabric sticks to skin when wet

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