GLOVE - Camelbak Cold Weather Gloves
COLORS - Black
INSULATION - Thinsulate (Synthetic)
MSRP - $56
NOTES - Camelbak's cold weather entry is purpose-built for the military market. Thinsulate insulation does an adequate job staving off the freeze while leaving enough feel to work on vehicles or fire a rifle. The index finger is uninsulated beyond the last knuckle for better trigger feel. Padding offers protection for the lower knuckles while adding a little insulation. A gutted 550-cord loop sewn at the wrist helps keep track of the gloves and helps putting them on.
PERFORMANCE - The gloves fit true to size and wear well. A Velcro strap keeps things in place, and the whole back of the thumb is a neoprene snot pad. The alligator pattern on the leather palm supplies excellent grip. But, all four seams of the box sewn fingers meet up at the fingertip and don't help the glove's feel at all. They aren't the most thermally efficient gloves in the bunch, but they're going to keep your hands from freezing while chopping wood or hooking up a trailer. They definitely won't cut it for a long patrol unless Odin is really smiling on you.

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