Make & Model - Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Travel Shirt
UPF Rating - 30+
Materials - 12-ounce 100-percent nylon
Colors - Dark gray, light blue, tan (shown), white
MSRP - $70

This shirt is designed to blend into an urban setting, yet be perfectly at home in the outdoors &mash; and the execution absolutely nailed it.

We were pleasantly surprised, despite its business casual look, how well it performed during a hike through the cypress swamps near the Florida Everglades on a sunny 90-degree day. This long-sleeve kept our skin from getting baked and our torso relatively cool all day without getting sweat-soaked.

The quick-drying fabric feels soft, but not light, to the touch &mash; almost cotton-like. The softness might not initially seem important when we're considering weighty objectives like bugging out or surviving a blistering desert environment. Yet, it's interesting how short-term comfort ends up playing a role in long-term survival strategies. If you're more comfortable, you're better able to focus on vital tasks, like staying alive. After all, little things can add up to big things. As the old proverb goes, “For the want of a nail, the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe, the horse was lost. For want of a horse, the general was lost. And for want of a general, the war was lost.”

From a survivalist's perspective, we'll favor function over form &mash; which brings us to the pockets. Compared to the KÜHL and the Mountain Khakis shirts, they feel like they're about half the size. They'll hold your passport but not much more.

– Though not the highest rated UPF shirt, it offers good sun protection.
– Covert, stylish look doesn't draw attention, but still performs.
– Nylon material is surprisingly soft and comfortable.
– Hidden pockets for cash, ID, and important documents.

– Pockets could be bigger
– The removable plastic collar stays are just two more things to lose. We prefer a button-down or snap-down collar instead.

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